William Lofgren Iron Castings

Wm Lofgren Iron Castings


I have always been a believer in alchemy. Not the traditional “get gold from lead” sort of alchemy. But in the idea that one can combine simple elements, each if taken on their own being of little or no worth, and use them to create something special.

My art is all about alchemy. My work combines the simplest of materials; metal, rust, wood, rocks, and oil, to produce unique cast iron sculptures. All of these ingredients on their own are humble, but when combined properly, they work with each other to make a unique art piece.

These simple materials compliment the petroglyphs that have become my subject matter. Petroglyphs are raw and wonderful pieces of art left behind by our ancestors. They themselves are simple yet powerful images that evoke emotion and have a connection to modern man.

I didn’t set out to become an artist. I have spent my career doing something much more logical. But, in an act of involuntary-alchemy, I too became an ingredient in this primordial stew. The metal, rust, wood, rocks, oil, petroglyphs and I, met at a crossroads one day. The combination led to the creation of petroglyph inspired cast iron sculptures that have presence and evoke energy and emotion. Simple ingredients, and a simple accidental-artist, combined to create something rare; a unique art form.

I hope that you enjoy my pieces as much as I enjoyed creating them. If you would like to add a piece to your home, indoors or out, please contact me. I would love to create something for you.

William Lofgren